About us

Who Are We?

Pure Frooty Smoothie is a unique business model to the South African market. A delicious,fruit filled smoothie will be created at the touch of a few buttons.This innovation in the healthy smoothie industry is ground breaking for South Africa. The machine is manufactured in Australia by a highly skilled team. It took six years to perfect this business model for the consumer market. The vision of Pure Frooty Smoothie is to offer convenient on-the-go smoothies for anyone. The experience and quality will always be of the highest standard. We aim to be a staple convenience in malls, schools, office parks and hospitals. This is a platform will allow for self-growth for passionate


Our Mission

Our mission is to create a unique customer experience. We want to satisfy the nutritional needs of customers by providing quality smoothies. Pure Frooty Smoothie will be packed with all the goodness a smoothie should offer.